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Why we need it...

Deliveries are increasing daily because of changing shopping & dining habits. With the Receptor there's no need to interact with the delivery person.
Package theft continues to be a growing concern.
We need a durable, secure system to accept deliveries and the DBDS RECEPTOR is the answer.

What is the solution?

The Receptor is the DB Delivery Solutions patent pending product that solves your delivery concerns. The Receptor provides a safe and secure way to receive packages, groceries, pizzas and prepared meals.

The Receptor is installed in your residential or commercial building.

It can easily be retrofitted to existing buildings and it's easy to include in new construction.

Why is it different?

The Receptor is the first of its kind.

The Receptor is installed in the exterior wall of a home, garage or business with the ability to accept packages, groceries and freshly prepared food.

The flush design of the Receptor results in a low profile installation, and is convenient for both the delivery person and the consumer.

A variety of color options are available to coordinate with your home or business.

The Receptor is proudly manufactured in Southeast Michigan.

How can DB Delivery Solutions
benefit you?


How can DB Delivery Solutions
benefit you?

Installation & Specifications

Easily installed in existing buildings & new construction

A DB Delivery Solutions installer will have your unit in place and operational within a matter of hours.


  • The standard size Receptor is 30” x 34” x 19” (Custom sizes are available)
  • The Receptor is manufactured in Southeast Michigan.
  • Every Receptor comes with a five-year warranty.
  • In-Home & Garage Receptors made of high quality steel, aluminum and wood composite.
  • The standard Receptor can accept deliveries up to 300 pounds.


See what our customers have to say!

  • Eric, Clinton Twp., MI
    I had my Receptor installed in my garage to accept my dog food and my everyday package deliveries, I may put another one in the house for my groceries and our Friday night pizza parties! I was amazed at how well Mike matched my red brick, I forget it’s even there until I get an alert when something arrives. Thanks again DBDS!
    Eric, Clinton Twp., MI
  • John J., Roseville, MI
    I wanted to start ordering groceries but with my work schedule it was hard to get deliveries on my time. With the Receptor I don’t have to be home and my groceries are not left on my porch. So convenient! Great product/great team!
    John J., Roseville, MI
  • B.B., Bloomfield Hills, MI
    The best home improvement I made during 2021 was installing a Receptor. I no longer have to worry about deliveries sitting on my unprotected front porch during inclement weather getting soaked, or freezing and sticking to the porch. Everything is safe, secured and dry. It was so exhilarating upon receiving the first delivery; the delivery drivers love it too!
    B.B., Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Rick, St. Clair, MI
    The Receptor has really solved the problem of after hours deliveries being left unsecured at my business location. It’s great to know that packages are safely secured until I get to work the next day.
    Rick, St. Clair, MI
  • Pat C., Fraser, MI
    Once I contacted my delivery services and gave them the Receptor location and the code, they automatically put it in the Receptor. It’s great when I get an alert and I know my stuff is waiting for me when I get home. Thanks DB Delivery Solutions!!”
    Pat C., Fraser, MI
  • Tom, Fraser, MI
    My Receptor was installed last summer. I have a ranch house and the living room was the best location to put it. It is so convenient when my pizza comes and all I have to do is reach over and there it is. I leave the tip in the Receptor and there is no contact with anyone. I love it!
    Tom, Fraser, MI
  • R.S., Sandusky, OH
    My Receptor was installed in August of 2020, after experiencing weather-damaged deliveries. With the onset of COVID-19, I wanted both a secure and contactless delivery solution. The Receptor has been the answer! Everyone needs a Receptor.
    R.S., Sandusky, OH
  • Ann, Mt. Clemens, MI
    I have delivered items to Receptors and it’s a very user friendly process. The instructions are clearly printed on the keypad and this is a very safe and secure way to have your packages delivered.
    Ann, Mt. Clemens, MI
  • Frank J., Fraser, MI
    Excellent product. I didn’t know I needed one, and now I don’t know what I’d do without it.
    Frank J., Fraser, MI
  • M.J., China, MI
    My Receptor works and looks great! So easy to use, and my delivery guys love it.
    M.J., China, MI
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