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About DB Delivery Solutions

We're ordering more items every day to be delivered to our homes and businesses. As deliveries increase, so does the need for a durable, secure system to accept these deliveries.

Why we need the DB Delivery Solutions "Receptor":

The growing theft of packages being stolen from porches must be addressed, and DB Delivery Solutions has the answer.

The Receptor is installed in the exterior wall of a home, garage or business with the ability to accept packages, groceries and freshly prepared food.

The flush design of the Receptor results in a low profile installation, and is convenient for both the delivery person and the consumer.

Receptor Details:

A programmable keypad enables you to create a unique, changeable code either on the keypad or through an app on your phone to monitor activity at the Receptor.

Easy to follow instructions make deliveries convenient for the delivery person and the delivered items remain safely locked and protected from porch pirates and the weather until you retrieve the items from the interior of the home, garage or office.

Using the app on your phone, you can know when a package is delivered to any Receptor in any location as long as you have been given the access code to include on your phone. With the addition of a camera, you can also watch the delivery in real time.


Standard Receptor Specifications:

  • 30 inches wide by 34 inches high by 19 inches deep
  • Manufactured in Southeast Michigan
  • In-Home & Garage Receptors are made of high quality steel, aluminum and wood composite
  • Solidly engineered and fully insulated
  • Accepts multiple package, 6-8 grocery bags, large prepared meals
  • Internal shelf that is adjustable for large package delivery
  • Optional mail slot

Receptor Installation:

The Receptor can be easily installed in a new home during the initial building phase, and it can also be installed by a DB Delivery Solutions installer in an existing building.

Custom sizes and accessories are available. The exterior can be painted to complement the exterior of any building so that the delivery bin is aesthetically pleasing. The Receptor comes with a 5 year warranty!


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If you want to ensure that your deliveries are securely waiting for you and safely protected from porch pirates and the elements, with the ability to retrieve them from the inside without needing to deal with any type of weather conditions, the Receptor is your solution.