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FAQ’s for Builders

Receptor FAQ for Builders

1What is my cost for a Receptor?
Please contact us at (810) 642-2020 to receive a quote for your Receptor.
2What happens after I place an order for one or more Receptors?
After you place your first order, you will be contacted by a DB Delivery Solutions representative to set up an installation training session.
3Will there be an instruction manual for the homeowner?
Yes. There will be an owner’s manual that explains to homeowners how to program the keypad on their Receptor and how they notify delivery companies.
4Will there be installation instructions provided?
5What is the discount for a quantity order?
The discount amount on a quantity order will be determined at the time a quote is provided.
6How long does it take to install a Receptor?
Providing the opening is framed and prepared properly, installation takes approximately 1 (one) hour.
7How is the location of the Receptor determined?
The location can be anywhere in the home or garage as long as it is not further from the street than the front porch, where packages are normally left.
8What are the shipping costs for Receptors that will be installed in developments in geographic locations outside of Southeast Michigan?
This is dependent on the number of units in an order and the distance. Shipping costs will be determined and quoted before the order is finalized.
9Who will train my staff on the installation process, and how will this training take place?
A DBDS installer will meet with your finish carpenters on-site to train them.
10What marketing materials are available to me to promote the Receptor to my clients?
DBDS will provide flyers for you to share with your clients.
11Will DB Delivery Solutions stand behind the warranty on the Receptor when it is installed by my staff?
Yes, If your finish carpenter staff has been trained by a DBDS representative, and the installation instructions are followed.
12What structural framing is required before installing a Receptor?
Standard units are 30” wide to fit between three (3) studs at 16” on center. Depending on load bearing locations, a typical header is needed.
13Does there need to be a power source near the Receptor?
The standard Receptor does not require a power source, but it is recommended that a power source be provided for accessory upgrades.
14What is the lead time for a customized Receptor?
The lead time depends on the type and amount of customization. This will be determined when the order is placed.
15How much customization is available to match the interior of a house?
There are 4 standard colors/finishes available, including a pre-primed paint grade option, and a Receptor can be customized to match the style of the interior of a house. Pricing for this customization will be determined for each order.
16How much customization is available to match/complement the exterior of a house?
All Receptors are powder coated steel, with 6 standard colors available. Additional custom colors are available.
17What upgrades/options are available?

Current upgrades include:

  • External camera
  • Mail Slot
  • Custom interior top
  • Custom interior color/finish
  • Custom exterior color
  • Custom interior hardware

Also in development:

  • Heating/cooling unit
  • Drone accessibility