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FAQ’s for Homeowners

Receptor FAQ for Homeowners

1What happens after I place my order for a Receptor?
You will be contacted by a DBDS representative to set up a meeting at your home to identify where your Receptor will be installed. Also at this meeting, you will choose the finishes and options that you want for your Receptor. After this meeting, your Receptor will be built and then you will be contacted to set up an installation date.
2How much is the deposit for a Receptor?
The deposit will be 50% of the purchase price. This is required at the time you meet with a DBDS representative to finalize your order.
3How do I program the keypad?
Simple instructions will be provided and the DBDS installer will assist you with the initial programming.
4How do I let delivery companies/people know how to use my Receptor?

There are three ways:

  1. When you place an order you fill out the “special instruction” section with the code and location for the delivery.
  2. You can go online to the delivery company’s website and set up your code and location to be used for your deliveries.
  3. You can simply instruct your delivery person to make note of your code to be used for all future deliveries.

Note: There is an instruction sticker that comes on each Receptor, which explains how to use the keypad.

5If I have hot food delivered to my Receptor, how long will it stay hot?
The unit is insulated, so under normal conditions, the food should stay hot for 30 to 60 minutes.
6If I have cold food delivered to my Receptor, how long will it stay cold?
The unit is insulated, so under normal conditions, the food should stay cold for 30 to 60 minutes.
7How long does it take to install a Receptor?
Typical installation takes 2 to 4 hours.
8How do I decide where to locate my Receptor?
A DBDS representative will meet with you to discuss your location preference and also offer suggestions. The goal is to install the Receptor in a location that is convenient for you and for the delivery people.
9What can be delivered to my Receptor?
All types of packages that fit within the dimensions of your Receptor can be delivered into your Receptor. Groceries can also be delivered to your Receptor. The Receptor holds 6-8 full grocery bags. Pizzas and other prepared foods can be delivered to your Receptor.
10Can I buy a Receptor and have it installed in my home if I don’t live in Southeast Michigan?

Yes! We install anywhere in the Continental United States.

11What is the timeline for getting a Receptor installed in my home?
From the time you meet with a DBDS representative to determine the location of your Receptor and the options that you choose, it will be approximately 4-6 weeks until the Receptor is installed in your home. If you choose custom finishes, you should plan on an additional 2-3 weeks. A DBDS representative will keep you updated on the progress of your Receptor so that an installation date can be set.
12Is there a warranty on the Receptor?
Yes, there is a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor under normal use.
13What happens if I have a problem with my Receptor?
Please contact us by phone at (810) 642-2020 or by email at db@dbdeliverysolutions.com and a representative will respond to your concern within 24 hours.
14Do you offer a money back guarantee?
No, we do not, but after you have the initial consultation, receive a quote, place your order, and make a deposit, you will have 3 business days to withdraw your order and your entire deposit will be returned.
15How do I get a quote for having a Receptor installed in at my house?
Please contact us at (810) 642-2020 to receive a quote for your Receptor. If you are interested in any of the optional accessories, or have a unique location for installing the Receptor, this will be discussed at the initial consultation meeting with the DBDS representative and you will be given the costs of these customizations. This will all be compiled into a quote that will be honored for 30 days.
16Do I need to have a power source near the Receptor location?
The standard Receptor does not require a power source, but it is recommended that a power source be provided for accessory upgrades.
17How much customization is available to match the interior of my house?
There are 4 standard interior finishes, including a pre-primed paint-grade finish. DBDS partners with a custom cabinet company, so if you have a specific style that you want for your Receptor, that can be created for you at an additional cost.
18How much customization is available to match/complement the exterior of my house?
There are 6 standard color finishes for the Receptor that are included in the cost of a Receptor. Additional custom color finishes are available at an additional cost and there could be a longer time between placing your order and the installation of your Receptor.
19Can you install a Receptor in any house?
Absolutely! Our DBDS representatives will meet with you to determine the best location to install your Receptor. A Receptor can be installed in any exterior siding including vinyl, wood, composite, brick, stone, or stucco. It is just like adding another door or window to your house.
20What upgrades/options are available?
  • External camera
  • Mail Slot
  • Custom interior top
  • Custom interior color/finish
  • Custom exterior color
  • Custom interior hardware
21Are there any recurring or maintenance costs after I have a Receptor installed in my home?
The battery for the keypad needs to be changed annually. If you choose to have an external camera installed that allows you to monitor and record your deliveries, there will be an annual subscription fee for that service. DBDS is currently using the Ring camera system, which is solar powered.
22What types of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, check and major credit cards.